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Today’s Civil and Structural systems demand high technical knowledge and expertise for the high-performance building to function properly. That’s why Ethos has a dedicated team of Civil / Structural Engineers. Our Civil / Structural coordinators are part of our integrated construction and project management team.
We first calculate the cost of quality. in our pre-installation meeting. Our approach brings measurement, that allows us quickly identify and prevent issues. We look for leading indicator instead of lagging indicators.
Ethos has the full-time quality management team to assist Civil / Structural team with quality plans, coordination, and inspections. We use the latest technology to monitor and inspect the ongoing projects.

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Civil and Structural Project Managment

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Being In the construction industry since 2007 Ethos has a reputation of providing unflinching dependability to its clients. Today, we continue helping our customers by offering delivery solutions crafted to best fit their needs.
Civil Construction Management at low Risk. Structural Construction Management

Civil and Structural Construction

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